I started joining Teacher Luke’s class 6 months before my O-levels as my E-math and my A-math grades were not that pleasing. I scored C6 and D7 for my E-math and A-math. However, after I joined Teacher Luke’s class, things were never the same again. Under his patience and guidance, my grades started to show improvement and I started to develop an interest for Math. I was also able to understand every mathematics formula as he explained to us how the formula came about. He does this so that we are able to apply the formula in different contexts. If we need extra help in certain chapters, he would be more than willing to teach us and give us practice papers to do so that we can master the chapters that we are weak in. All in all Teacher Luke is a wonderful teacher as he has the patience that not many teachers have to teach us as long as we are willing to put in the effort and time to practice and learn. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. Empty our cup so that we can receive more knowledge. Once again thank you Teacher Luke for teaching me these 6 months as it has been a wonderful journey with you. I scored B3 for both my E-math and A-math.

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