Teacher Luke is the best Math teacher that I have ever come across. Other Math teachers were all disappointed with me but Teacher Luke did not give up on me even though he needs to re-teach me certain topics, which makes me most touched. Ever since I had the opportunity to be taught by him, I feel that I got back in touch with math as I used to hate math. He has a great personality, taking the effort to go through the questions that to ensure I understood even though it has been taught to me before.

Zheng Hong
“O” level E-Math student

Wow, I don’t even know where to begin. First of all, I just want to say that if you are looking for a teacher who is creative and innovative, then Teacher Luke’s lessons are the way to go. The way he teaches his students is so different from many other tuition teachers who have taught me. Coming from a person who has been constantly failing Chemistry since Sec 1 to getting a B3 at the end of my O levels, I must say that Teacher Luke really played a big part in making it happen. Because of how he made and compacted all his materials to make it simple for us to understand, I was able to have a good grasp of what I was learning and hence apply it to my work. Not only does he teach in way that makes learning easy, he also prepares his lesson so thoroughly so that we do not feel bored at all! Teacher Luke would go the extra mile to prepare materials to cater to our needs. In the past, I had just regurgitated all my answers and was not learning anything. But under Teacher Luke’s guidance, I was not only able to answer more precisely, but more also decisively! All in all, Teacher Luke is a very dedicated teacher who has the capacity to teach his students in a creative manner, making lessons very enjoyable!

“O” level Chemistry student

I started joining Teacher Luke’s class 6 months before my O-levels as my E-math and my A-math grades were not that pleasing. I scored C6 and D7 for my E-math and A-math. However, after I joined Teacher Luke’s class, things were never the same again. Under his patience and guidance, my grades started to show improvement and I started to develop an interest for Math. I was also able to understand every mathematics formula as he explained to us how the formula came about. He does this so that we are able to apply the formula in different contexts. If we need extra help in certain chapters, he would be more than willing to teach us and give us practice papers to do so that we can master the chapters that we are weak in. All in all Teacher Luke is a wonderful teacher as he has the patience that not many teachers have to teach us as long as we are willing to put in the effort and time to practice and learn. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. Empty our cup so that we can receive more knowledge. Once again thank you Teacher Luke for teaching me these 6 months as it has been a wonderful journey with you. I scored B3 for both my E-math and A-math.

“O” level A-Math and Chemistry student

Teacher Luke is one of the best Mathematics teacher I’ve ever had! He helped me overcome my fear of solving problems in Mathematics and he’s always been patient while teaching me as it takes many explanations and examples for me to understand. I appreciate all the effort you put into teaching and the encouragement you give whenever your students are feeling down. Most importantly, my grades for Mathematics improved after joining your class and I am super thankful for that. 🙂

“O” level E-Math student

When I first joined, it was only 4 months away from my O-level exams. However with the small group teaching and approachable teachers, I was able to improve my chemistry from a D7 to a B3.

“O” level Chemistry student

I was previously weak in Chemistry as I was never strong with my sciences, but through tuition, my chemistry had improved enough for me to attain a B3 in the O-levels. Thankful for the help tuition has given me, clarifying my doubts and helping me better understand difficult concepts 🙂

“O” level Chemistry student

The centre provides a good environment for students to learn. Mr Luke teaches his students with patience and devotes his time for them, helping them in their weak topics in a particular subject. After joining, I enjoy learning Math more with Mr Luke and it pushes me to work harder and pursue more in my studies!

“O” level E-Math student

Mr Luke is a very caring and nice teacher. I absorbed a lot and learned very well from him. With his help, I eventually pushed my Chemistry from F9 to A2 at the ‘O’-level exam. He even made me develop more interest in Chemistry as a subject, something which I never imagine could happen to me. Mr Luke provides good and relevant materials for both A Math and Chemistry, and I enjoyed every single lesson with him!!

"O" level Chemistry & A Math student

Mr Luke helped me develop an interest for A-Math and Chemistry which I used to fear before starting lessons with him. I looked forward to every lesson each week because I found that I could apply what I learned better when I understood the topics more fully. He has helped to groom me not just in academics but also in the soul 😀

"O" level Chemistry & A-Math student

Coming to class gives me the chance to clarify all my doubts, and also focus on specific topics that I’m weaker in. It’s such a nice learning environment and classes are so engaging that I honestly look forward to lessons because we learn and have fun simultaneously.

"O" level Chemistry and A-Math student

Mr Rex is very experienced and is able to find my short-comings and correct my mistakes. He helps me discover my strengths and develop them at the same time.

Ting Lang
Inking Adventures with Rex

Zachary nearly failed his P5 SA1 Math exam, as the Paper 2 questions were getting very complex. We knew he needed help to understand and tackle those types of questions. So, we started weekly tuition with Luke at The Ark. Zachary looked forward to every session as Luke took the trouble to understand him and engaged him very well during lessons. We saw a marked improvement in his attitude towards Math and his motivation to do well in the subject grew. We are pleased that he eventually managed to score an A* for his PSLE.

Ms Nora