O Level Electronics 6063

  • Electronics (O Level 6063)

In 2017, MOE started offering Electronics as an O level subject. It seeks to arm students with an understanding of the fundamental working of digital and analog electronic components and systems, as well as ideas related to engineering design. This aims to seed an interest and passion in the engineering field at a young age.

Assessment for this subject is done through:

1. Theory examination (2-hour Paper 1) where students are tested on knowledge and understanding (40%) and appropriate handling of information and problem-solving (60%)

2. Final year project carried out over a 32-hour period when the student is in Sec 4. The project report (45%) documents the activities and implementation of the said project and highlights challenges the student faced and how they were overcome. The project hardware (55%) demonstrates the correct use of electronic components to realise the goal of the project.

As a relatively newly-offered subject, students frequently face challenges related to the lack of quality resource materials, inadequate time allocated in school for hands-on experimentation and design for their final year project, insufficient mentorship and advice in resolving issues encountered during project implementation.

Electronics at The Ark

Since 2019, Teacher Andrew (a former MOE teacher with an electrical engineering degree) has started coaching a group of students from Tampines Secondary in the subject. Our lessons are structured to complement the school's efforts with:

1. Additional learning resources that help to deepen our students' theoretical knowledge and understanding

2. Practice questions in the fundamentals of electricity, analogue electronics (diodes and transducers) and digital electronics (logic gates, logic circuits, latches, timing and counting circuits)

3. Student-centric mentorship on the design process, implementation and documentation of their final year project

Our group of 4 students enjoyed the lively and enriching lessons with Teacher Andrew and went on to score distinctions for their school preliminary exams.

For enquiries or registration, email us at enquiry@thearkedu.com or call/whatsapp us at 84646779

Learn from the Best!

  • Ex-cartoon columnist for Lianhe Zaobao
  • Award-winning Illustrator / Animator
Curious about Ink Art? Aspiring to make your ink creations come alive? Take your doodling a notch higher by learning sketching, drawing, shading, and inking techniques with our guest artist!

The Ark is privileged to have Rex Lee on board to share his illustration experience with drawing enthusiasts. Enjoy lively drawing sessions packed with good fun as students explore and discover new expressions while journeying through the multi-faceted world of inking.

Our courses are designed for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced ink enthusiasts. Classes are conducted in small groups (max 6 per class) and participants will go through a structured program tailored to suit their skill levels.

Learners can expect steady progress as they refine and broaden their skills in this exciting art form. The course equips pupils with a range of inking skills with the aim of nurturing them towards establishing their own brand of creative expression.

Ink Adventures with Rex

A. Basic Inking (3-month course for Beginners)

  • Week 1 to 4: Inking Techniques (cross hatching, scribbing, stippling)
  • Week 5 to 8: Creating Values (establishing shadows and tones)
  • Week 9 to 12: Technical Process (outlining, lighting control, detailing)

Course Duration: 1.5 hr x 12 sessions (Saturdays)
Course Fee: $200 per month (every 4 sessions)

B. Ink Enthusiasts (3-month course for Intermediate Learners)

  • Week 1 to 4: Detailing Landscapes (trees, mountains, rivers)
  • Week 5 to 8: Detailing Animals
  • Week 9 to 12: Detailing Transportation (trains, planes, boats)

Course Duration: 1.5 hr x 12 sessions (Saturdays)
Course Fee: $200 per month (every 4 sessions)

C. Ink Masterclass (2-month course for Advanced Learners)

Plan for a masterpiece of your own creation and bring it to life with your acquired inking skill.
Rex will personally provide close and intensive guidance to help you push boundaries and realise your final masterpiece on canvas.

Course Duration: 1.5 hr x 8 sessions (Saturdays)
Course Fee: $300 per month (every 4 sessions)

Art Materials: A one-time fee of $30 or buy-your-own (applicable for all levels)

Course Schedules

Classes are scheduled at different time slots on Saturdays, between 11am to 4.30pm. Please register your interest with us, and we will be in touch as soon as we can confirm your class placement and corresponding time slots.

We encourage interested participants to share their drawings (if any) with us should guidance be needed for the correct course placement. Email us at enquiry@thearkedu.com or call us at 84646779 for enquiries.

More About Rex

A skilled illustrator and animator, Rex currently leads the Animation and Sound Design efforts as Creative Director in Bold Ideas Studio. In his student years, he was a comic columnist for local newspaper Lianhe Zaobao, and bagged prestigious awards in his youth for outstanding achievements in art and design.

Through his professional career, he has worked on projects ranging from television to digital animation features and commercials. Some of his productions have been aired over Kids Channel on local television, and others have bagged awards from international competitions.

Rex remains active in the local design and animation scene, and continues to contribute to the creative community the nurture of young talents through workshops and speaking engagements.

Youth Achievements

  • Singapore Design Council Gold Medal
  • The Singapore Technology Gold Medal Award
  • UTV International Award
  • Guiness World of Records Certification of Excellence (participation in Longest Comic Strip Marathon)

Professional Awards

  • Creative Circle Awards: Silver & Bronze (TV & Cinema, for Craft, Animation, Soundtrack)
  • Bitfilm Awards (Hamburg): Bronze
  • Wacom E-card Competition: First prize winner
  • ENCAMS (UK) Keep Britain Tidy online campaign: First prize winner
  • Future Asia 2029: Best of competition winner