Teacher Andrew is not only patient, but also selfless when it comes to teaching. Under his guidance for Combined Science (Physics) in preparation for my O Levels, I had consistently topped my class for Physics and eventually scored an A1 for Combined Science for my Os.

Teacher Andrew teaches topics along with their respective applications in real life, which helped me better understand complicated concepts and learn beyond the syllabus. His lessons were interactive and engaging, helping my tuition mates and I stay focused and attentive during lessons.

Given that every student has his or her unique strengths and weaknesses, I inevitably had topics which I struggled with. Teacher Andrew always made sure he would help me fill those gaps by regularly checking up on my progress. He went the extra mile, offering extra help outside of class to ensure I was well prepared and ready for the exams.

I am thankful for the classes I had with Teacher Andrew as well as the knowledge I had gained from him. He is an exemplary teacher for all students alike.

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